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1 EOC Cast with Vasily Petrenko


These courses are designed for candidates of high potential. They are suitable for talented people at various stages of training

* You are studying singing and you want advice from those working in the profession to help guide your future development

* You have finished your studies. You now want an objective assessment of your strengths and advice on what needs to be improved for a successful career.


* You have already begun your career, but it is not progressing as well as you would like. We help you indentify the possible reasons for this


Past masterclass programmes have been held in :

Athens, Bucharest, Istanbul, Limerick, Liverpool, London, Lyon, Milan, Oslo, Thessaloniki, Valletta, Vienna, Warsaw

2 days - 6 singers


Course Leader : Laurent Pillot


3 days - 12 singers

course open to 1 repetiteur


Course Leaders : Laurent Pillot, John Norris


5 days

12 singers

course open to 2 repetiteurs


Course  Leaders : Laurent Pillot, John Norris, Alex Grigorev 


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