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3 days

12 singers

course open to 1 repetiteur


Course Leaders : Laurent Pillot, John Norris

day 1

Individual coaching  with Laurent Pillot - 30 min

Individual coaching  with John Norris - 30 min


day 2 

Individual coaching  with Laurent Pillot - 30 min

Individual coaching  with John Norris - 30 min

Detailed advice on how to optimise your performance at audition - 1 hr


day 3 

Private question and answer session

with Laurent Pillot - 20 min

Individual coaching  with John Norris - 20 min

Day 3  finishes at 16:00 to facilitate travel


All coaching sessions are accompanied either by the professional repetiteur or by the trainee repetiteur who benefits from individual advice from Laurent Pillot  


All sessions apart from the private session on Day 3 are open to the other participants

Advice on travel and accommodation can be provided on request


The French conductor, Laurent Pillot, has worked all his professional life with singers.


He has worked with major international artists at the Opéra de Lyon and Los Angeles Opera giving him an understanding of international standards.


He also has strong experience working with people at the start of their professional careers.


Three one-hour television documentaries followed his work at the Bavarian State Opera where he founded the Opera Studio.


Many of those he has worked with are now pursuing careers in major opera houses.

Laurent Pillot > LEADERSHIP


John Norris has developed his own method to teach how to connect the voice and the body and has assisted many artists.


Originally from the United States of America, he originally trained actors in movement and dance, subsequently applying the knowledge gained to singers.


As a director he has created more than 60 productions in the USA, Europe and Asia.


Based in Berlin, he is a regular coach at the Opera Studios of the Bavarian State Opera and the Berliner Staatsoper unter den Linden.


His affiliation to the European Opera Centre goes back a decade. Many recipients have described his practical guidance as invaluable.

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