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From the outset, the European Opera Centre has made the most effective use of its resources by working in partnership with other organisations.  Partnership working is indeed the norm for the Centre, whether, by way of example, for auditioning internationally, for developing its programme for young people or for creating a major animated opera film.


These partnerships have helped ensure the effective and most economic delivery of the Centre’s projects.  Hence those who have generously supported the Centre over the years have had the satisfaction of seeing projects they have helped get off the ground come to fruition – often exceeding expectations.


The Centre recorded its warmest thanks to those who have provided support. Support has come from commercial sponsors, funding agencies, trusts, foundations, legacies and individuals.

We are always willing to discuss with a potential donor how their support might be used most effectively. For example, some donors wish to support individual trainees who because of lack of resources would not otherwise have access to the Centre’s programmes; others may wish to make possible work in schools where there is no existing activity relating to opera and music theatre.


If you would like to discuss how you might be involved, please contact the European Opera Centre’s Chief Executive, Kenneth Baird

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